Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dance Cardio Gripes...

Hellooo out there?

Did everyone start the weekend early?  There were no comments yesterday LOL!

Haha ok so yesterday morning I had a delicious breakfast sandwich!  It was English muffin, aldis brand of spreadable cheese ( 25 cals! ) and one egg and two slices of trader joes turkey bacon.  It was so good and filling!

I don't normally show you guys snacks but I have been loving this combo lately. 
Five Ritz crackers with only ONE tbsp of apple butter spread over the five of them with a pear sprinkled with cinnamon.  The apple butter is from the Apple Barn in Sevierville, TN.  It is by far my favorite and I don't even really care for it unless I can get it from there!
This whole thing clocks in at:
crackers- 80 cals
apple buter- 35 cals
pear- 115 cals
Not bad for a snack that really kills the sweet tooth!
Yesterday I spent a good part of the day getting our mattress topper cleaned at the laundry mat.  I also went to a local coffee shop and got pumpkin spice flavored coffee (its just coffee, not a latte or anything) and the library. 
I went to dance cardio class at 5:30. 

Normally I like dance cardio. However, I do not like touching people when I am dancing.
Maybe if its like ballroom dancing or something I signed up for that I know Iam going to need a partner for and I am probably not going to break a sweat in.  
I do not like group dances where you have to find partners.  It is weird and awkward if you have came by yourself.  Normally we don't do them in class from what I can tell. 
Last night, however a song came on and we had to "swing your partner round and round".  It was some Kesha song if I am not mistaken.  Ok, I didn't have a partner so I twirled myself around.
It was super weird. 
Plus I didn't want a partner because we were like 45 minutes into class and everyone was gross and sweaty including myself.  Y'all there is probably 50 or so people in this class and we barely have room to spread out. 
So I did feel awkward but I avoided spreading sweat with others.  So that was a win. 
What do you guys think?  I'm sorry I know it might be "fun" for some people but i think it is just gross.  I do not want to dance with people or have to "swing" others around with our sweaty arms.  That's just me. 
Ok enough griping :)
Anyways, I came home and took a shower because I felt nasty sweaty dirty.  Plus it had been raining all day and I had been running around in that.
Luckily dinner was in the crockpot.  Delicious chicken soup!
Question for the day is, what is your favorite group fitness class?  I really want to try spinning.  Pretty sure you don't need a partner for that.  LOL!


  1. NO touching in class!! EWW!!! I love Jazzercise and we definitely keep to ourselves!

    1. LOL annie, thanks I am glad iam not alone in the ewwww factor!! haha

  2. Bahahahaha. You cracked me up so bad! I agree. Sweaty, yucky people holding haaaannnnnddddssss. Do you know that song lyric, "Shiny happy people?" I'm singing that to that tune. LOL And what if someone was brand new to class that day?! Even more awkward. I've not been to any group classes at the gym yet because of my knees. I feel awkward and out of shape at this point, so I prefer to be alone! Def not in a class or joined at the sweaty elbow with strangers. :)


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