Friday, September 19, 2014

First goal....MET!

Happy Friday!!!

I cannot begin to thank you all for your sweet comments on yesterdays post!

Thank you all so much I am going to answer comments right after this!

Well, this morning I woke up pleasantly surprised to be at my GOAL exactly for this Friday's weigh in!!!! Yippie!!!!

So I will be purchasing my reward this weekend and will show it to you guys. 

I have been debating on what to do as far as posting.  Do any of you read blogs on the weekend?  I really feel like I could post my pics on Saturday and Sunday too to help hold me accountable at least until Thanksgiving.  I feel like I always tend to excuse myself on the weekends but I shouldn't!  Let me know what you think!

Ok so yesterday hubby was home for the morning so I made us Bisquick Heart healthy pancakes with a few trader joes semi sweet chocolate chips mixed in.  I had about four and put sugar free syrup on top!  I need to get more.  Once you are used to it, its really a calorie bargain for syrup!

I also had two pieces of Trader Joes Turkey Bacon for 30 calories a slice. 

It has a different texture.  It almost reminds me of Canadian bacon but its still really good! 

For lunch I made myself a big salad with spinach and leftover shredded lettuce and topped it with honey ham and turkey lunch meat as well as onion and tomato and cheese.  I made a Honey Dijon vinegarette dressing that I found on A Pinch of Healthy.  Love her blog!

The dressing is SO good and makes a perfect one serving for a salad.  I used red wine vinegar because I didn't have any apple cider vinegar on hand but it was delicious. 

Someone commented yesterday that they did a salad challenge on facebook and I think that is a great idea! I am going to think about that!  I do love salads and something like that would really make you get creative!  I always find myself getting in ruts!

Well for dinner I went to a Mexican restaurant with the book club girls and I got a diet coke, chicken fijitas with corn tortillas, rice beans and salad.  I did not eat any of the tortillas, just are my veggies and chicken but I did allow myself the chips.  Wish I hadn't ate more than I planned but I enjoyed myself and stayed away from the bread (tortillas) so it is an improvement!  I had planned to eat only half the meal and take home the rest but I was apparently very hungry.  I also forgot to snap a pic!!!! I am so so sorry.  I totally would have too because I am not the least embarrassed about it in front of them LOL.  Anyways.  I hope you are all having a great day and I am going to try to post tomorrow too, so come back for more!


  1. I already read on the weekends, but I found that barely anyone read mine on the weekend. But they would read on Monday to make up for it. LOL So apparently, I have no weekend life and other ppl do. Ha!

  2. Yes, I do read blogs on the weekend. It is part of my routine. I am a stay at home mom now and reading blogs is another avenue that keeps me connected to adults! Cannot wait to do the salad challenge. I just finished day 5 and I have tons of ideas for salads!

  3. I will definitely read on weekends. I always check blogs on weekends but it seems like not many post. I really need more motivation on weekends than at any other time. I almost never have trouble during the week unless something totally unexpected happens to throw me off. I'm trying to always have meals planned to cook for a minimum of 6 nights per week to avoid ending up going out any more than one night per week. It's not like you can't go out & still stay within calories but I do better & get to eat more if I cook at home so that's what I need to do.


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