Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: Weddings, Cheeseburger Soup & Salad Challenge

Hey guys!

Well it is Sunday night and I thought I would do a little weekend recap for you!

As you saw last, we went out for Asian food Friday night.  Well Saturday morning I got up and planned to go to the gym. 

I woke up at like 5:30 and stayed up that morning, thinking the whole time the morning class was at 9:30.  WRONG-O!!! At 9:10 I decided to double check and sure enough, I was late for the class. It started at 9. Fantastic.  I decided to stay home and clean, which I needed to do anyway. 

I did the floors and cleaned kitchen and office and bathrooms and whatnot.  Apparently I forgot to take a picture of breakfast but it was an English muffin with egg and cheese. 

Lunch was Hubby's leftover General Tso's chicken with some rice.  It was not very much at all so I had a side salad with some onion tomato cheese and cut up ham and the Dijon dressing I can make. 

Later on we left for my friends wedding.  It was very beautiful. 

We had a cheese and fruit and cracker spread.  It was really good, many different fancy cheeses. 

I did not take a pic of the dinner but it was roasted potatoes, green beans and cabbage, roasted veggies, different rolls ( I had a mini crossiant and cheese biscuit with a smidge of butter) and you got two small slices of roast beef and a small chicken breast with mushroom gravy.  I put a little bit of gravy on top of the roast beef.  I had a very small piece of cake.  It was delicious!  She had a layer of pumpkin spice cake too, how cool!  Pretty sure mine was lemon and I tried a bite or two of Hubby's which was almond I am thinking.  Oh they also had a really good goat cheese, walnut, apple and cranberry salad.  It was super yummy but very small lol. 

Me and the beautiful bride!  I seriously can tell and HATE how much weight I have gained.  UGH!

Today we went to church and I had only a few sips of coffee.

No breakfast! 

After church we went out for Mexian.  Clearly our favorite food.  Clearly a problem! 

Anyways I didn't do great but not too bad.  I got the enchilada suizas with no red sauce.  They are kinda like chicken fijitas with cheese on top and I barely ate any of those beans. 

This is one of like the LAST Mexican restaurants that gives you free cheese dip so I did have some of that with some chips.  Ugh.  Well didn't have breakfast so it wasn't too bad. 

After lunch we went to dairy queen and I got a cherry dipped kids cone.  Perfect size!

About an hour ago I ate some Campbell's cheeseburger soup and corn chips.  How good does that sound??? YUM. 

I portioned out a cup and gave the rest to Hubby. 
Ok, so a reader of mine (hey Alexandra!) suggested a salad challenge and I am in for it!  I want to do a salad everyday for lunch.  You can have soup or chilli with it if you want, but make sure it is a big part of your lunch.  I am going to take pics of mine and try and post them on my facebook page so if you have not liked the page yet, make sure you do! 
I want you guys to post your salads on the page as well!  This will be fun and give us all good ideas and keep us on the healthy eating track.  Even if you go out for lunch maybe you could order a salad (a healthy way) and show it to us for an idea!
If you are unable to post pics just share in the comments what you topped yours with!  I am excited to try new toppings and dressings. 
Well I will see you all tomorrow, pray I am NOT getting a cold, feeling a little froggy in my throat :(
I have big plans to do my classes at the gym tomorrow too.  What was the most fantastic thing you ate this weekend?
My favorite was probably the wedding cake.  Cake always takes the cake!  haha. 


  1. Oh that STINKS that you missed the class after being up so early!!! Mexican and pizza are my downfalls. Free cheese dip??? NO WAY! It's at least $3 per little bowl here... but that's probably really good or I'd be ever fatter. ROFL

  2. I will be posting my salads on your FB page! I also feel great from eating salads for 5 days!


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