Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall, you are my friend.

I seriously love a good chilly gray fall morning and that is exactly what we had! 

It was in the 50's today and I was loving the first day of fall! 

This morning I woke up super early.  Breakfast was simple.  I had left the kitchen a mess since it was just me last night and I didn't feel like making anything too complicated that involved skillets.  LOL.

I had a toasted English muffin with natural chunky PB.

I went and visited with some family today around lunch time but didn't eat there.  I ended up eating leftover chilli (which you have already seen) and some grapes and then I made this delicious greek salad for the salad challenge.  Please make sure you post your salads, even if you just participate one day!  Alexandra, yours looked really good today!  I hadn't even thought to add pasta!
This one had feta cheese, katamala olives, red onion and cucumbers with a greek dressing I made.  It was very good and filling! 
I actually went to dance cardio today, two workouts already this week, that is a good start!
And boy did she work us tonight, man.  I was a sweaty mess!
I came home and had chilli for dinner. 
Seriously not tired of the chilli yet. 
I also went to a friends 31 party and got a cute cosmetic bag that I am going to use as my Bible study bag!  You can put your Bible in there and any books or notebooks or pens.  I think it will be super cute, I will show yall a pic when it comes in. 
I hope you guys had a great day!  Have you done anything to celebrate fall yet?  What is the weather like where you are?

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