Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rewards & Delicious Asian Food

Someone please tell me why I have been awake since like 5:30 am??  I would love to know.

Ugh anyways. I have had like 5 or so hours of sleep but I wanted to stay up because I hate sleeping in and I have tons to do today. 

I plan to make it to the gym at 9:30 for a dance cardio class and then I have to come home and CLEAN because I was slack yesterday.  Well, if you count shopping as working then I was very productive :)

Anyways so I told you guys I was going to show you what I got as my reward!  I got the eyeshadows on sale and picked out a lipstick too. 

These eyeshadows are GORGEOUS!  Right now they are buy one get one 50% off I think.  Everything here cost about $23.00 and some change. 
Let me know if you have questions, but I know the lipstick was Maybelline Totally Toffee and it is perfect for the fall.  I will warn you it is not very hydrating like a lip butter it is pretty much a regular lipstick which was fine.
I took a pic of me with the makeup on to show yall and it took about 10 ridiculous selfies to get this halfway decent picture that I am not even happy with but here it is LOL
I feel like I look totally weird and not like myself in this pic! But I was getting ready to go out to eat with the hubs so I wanted to show yall the lipstick and I am also wearing the eyeshadow.  ANYWAYS that is enough about makeup lol. 

Lets talk about this cutie. 

Little rotten rascal thought she could jump on my bed while I was taking selfies.

Anyways lets get on to the food, shall we?  I feel like I did pretty good yesterday! 

Breakfast was two leftover pancakes and some grapes. 

For lunch I was running errands and picked up some Jimmy Johns.  Freaky Fast!

I had the turkey tom and reduced fat potato chips with a diet coke.

While I was running around I popped into Party City to check it out and I found what I am going to be for trick or treating.

Bahaha JK I do love me some Miss Kay though!

Ok so me and hubs decided we were going to Red Bowl which is an Asian restaurant. 

I looked online before even though I pretty much know what is a low calorie option. 

I got the Won Ton Soup as an appetizer and forgot it comes with those dang chips on the side.  I had a few of those, unplanned but made hubby eat most of them lol. 

The soup was delicious and didn't even need the chips! Next time I will probably tell them to leave them off. 

For dinner I got a Bento box because I love the portion control that is built in.  You don't get a platter with a huge serving of food.  I got the beef and broccoli (great low cal choice) with steamed white rice and a spring roll.  It also came with sushi which I gave to the hubby because they wont let you sub it for anything without charging you a ridiculous amount. 

He got general tso's chicken and I had I think like 2 pieces of it, maybe three.  Everything was delicious and pretty healthy (minus the chips and pieces of general tso's chicken).  I think next time I want to try the steamed veggie dumplings which I have heard to be low cal as well.  What do you guys order at the Chinese restaurant?  Any low cal favorites?? 

We have a wedding to go to tonight for one of my oldest and dearest girlfriends and I am so excited!  It is at a beautiful venue in our downtown.  Stay tuned tomorrow for pics!!  Have a lovely weekend!


  1. It's the weekend, and I'm reading!!! I can't do eyes hadow. I've tried, and it ends up on my cheekbones. ROFL One of my friends asked if I had my eyelid underwear on. Ummm, NO. Didn't know my eyes needed panties! Hahaha Anyway, love that lip color. At Chinese places, I get the buffet. Does that help you? Nope. Lol Enjoy the wedding!

    1. LOL! Is that a real thing?? Eyelid underwear? Cracking up at you saying you didn't know your eyelids needed panties!!!

    2. Apparently it's a base that goes UNDER the eyeshadow to keep it in place. LOL Whatever. I have 4 kids. I can only afford one kind of underwear, and it's not gonna be for my eyelids! ;) Haha


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